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Book presentation 5th of November at RAND CLUB, Johannesburg. Speak with the author Harald Sitta, get a copy of the book with dedication by me. 

Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo. Vergil 

I am an Austrian Citizen living permanently in South Africa. as such I don't mix into local politics; that would not be polite. BUT I am an Austrian citizen and I am part of the sovereign and possess the vote. Therefore I strongly protest and will take action against the brutal, stupid, criminal, law and constitution blatantly violating Corona regime consisting of the federal government, provincial and local governments, bureaucracy, main stream media, so called "experts"( just failed existence with a sociopathic need to torture common people ) ,Medical functionaries and lot of snitchers.

Just some facts: They speak about infections as that would equal severe disease. NO! A positive test is not an infection 9and in most cases wrong-positive) , infected does not mean infectious (for others) , infectious does not mean sick, sick does not mean severely sick with need to be hospitalized , hospitalized does not mean need for ICU.

High risk groups like very elderly, people with pre-conditions , fragile people are always under risk, whatever virus or germ or bacteria moves around. Protecting those (small) groups is necessary but is not done. Why ?


1. All C-19 vaccines are not regularly tested like established vaccines against f e smallpox, TBC, Polio etc and only provisionally admitted with the pharma producers giving no warranty.

2. The negative side effects and death rate are far higher ( 1death per around 1,500 vaccinations) compared with well-established vaccines (There 1 death per 5-10 million vaccinations; practically zero) .

3. C-19 vaccines lose their effects after about 6 months. Ever heard that from other vaccinations ? (you took it I remember from my youth and you had been immune for live!) THAT ALONE WOULD BE ENOUGH TO CALL THAT A PSEUDE VACCINATION AND A VERY EXPENSIVE SWINDLE. BUT MORE TO COME

4.Antibody dependent enhancement ADE is caused by these pseudo-vaccinations and therefore vaccinated people get more seriously sick from infection.

5.Vaccine associated hypersensitivity VAH is caused meaning your natural human immune system is damaged.

6. First studies show that injected virus mRNA or DNA not only enters the cell but the nucleoid of the human cells and damages the human DNA (to be on the safe side; further studies necessary to get a final and complete picture!)

Legal conclusion: All the useless measures like lockdowns, wearing of useless masks (only FFP-3 mask protect really against viruses) etc are actually damaging the health of the people (weakening of natural human immune system, depressions, postponed medical treatments) and pseudo-vaccination is in the light of all the above reasons mass murder and mass physical injury committed by all members of the Corona regime. Necessary legal action will be taken .

Constitutional conclusion: Every Citizen as part of the sovereign has the right to proclaim , based on this tumultum, the iustitium and remove by force of weapon every member and part of the corona regime and put them to justice. That does not mean I would do it, no! Too much effort as Gustav Gans says. 

Dr Harald Sitta

My position is based on :

www.achgut.com Articles by Gunter Frank and Jochen Ziegler published where since April 2020.

Medical opinion by Dr Herman Edeling, South Africa November 2021 based on a multitude of studies and sources . Will be gladly sent to all eager to be informed objectively.

Legal opinions by SITTALEGALSTRATEGIC www.sittalegalstrategic.co.za 


Now in April 2021 we started marketing and PR in earnest. First interview given on  12th of April, on 16th of April interview by  SABC  Radio Africa 

Due to idiotic C-19 measures publishing of the book 'Cross Haired', planned for end of April beginning of May at the Langa Cultural Centre/Cape Town and the Rand Club in Johannesburg , was postponed. The Book was published online in October 2020 .Further delays by insane  level 3 lock-down rules. But you can't stop the author and LESEDI. Now under l 1 with beginning of April we really can start. POSTPONEM NEC MERGITUR ( I don't translate that, you have to  get it). 

1st of May at the RAND CLUB (Johannesburg, 33 Loveday Street, www.randclub.co.za )Book Day for example a reading a signature hour with  the author, Harald Sitta .

A polemic* philosophy

Harald Sitta, MD  Gepardissima (TM)  , exquisite design jewellery, MD of "Sittopera" , member of the Rand Club. 

Published by LESEDI HOUSE publishers, managed by "Duke' Tshepo Nketle.

An IC3's (' intelligent cynical conservative Catholic', you may challenge the authors intelligence but never his cynics ) sardonic, funny and polemic guide to God , Dawkins, the universe , celebs, corner boys, hustlers, politics, economics, arts, climate cretins and all other lekker stuff.

Ideal to give your braai praat philosophical polish and gravitas to Cocktail party blather.

A wonderful reading for all cultivated and bookish Ladies or Gentlemen - and who is not member of this club? - making them even more cultivated, polished and bookish. The author goes helter-skelter on all possible and impossible things and thoughts and also gives you by the way his deep insights on champagne, feminism , Darwinism posing as ideology, pseudo-science, scientists, more scientists, scepticism, Sir Karl Popper, Afro-centrists, Cleopatra ( a great Lady, besides, her nose was quite a big one !), North Korea , Good and evil, puffed up knows it all , Bolshie s, racists, good braais, professors posing as blockheads, extreme environmentalists , Animal rightists, political correct lingo, some politicians, old fashioned bankers , the greedy bunch of today, power, order, liberty, fascists, Bolshie s , even on sex (no pictures!) and on a lot of other items . A witty summation on physics (like foxhunts) and metaphysics (like bullfights) which may only be absolutely taken seriously by fanatics, bigots, nincompoops & know-it-all Jack of all trades.

• Polemos: the God of dispute, quarrel and conflict in Greek mythology .

First Volume

Of quacks, horse dealers, strollers, spin doctors and other assembled movers and shakers.

Second volume

The end of bluff and dazzle

To be launched April or May  2021 

Lesedi House publishers - home of all authors in Africa

Facebook: @Lesedihousepublishers www.lesedihouse.com

Harald Sitta : @HFH Sitta and Harald FH Sitta

German version distributed by NNC New Network Communication from October on !

Legal and strategic advice, as Harald Sitta is trained jurist ( Austrian attorney emeritus ) with 43 years of legal practice. Please visit www.sittalegalstrategic.co.za 

Harald Sitta runs SITTOPERA event management please visit www.sittopera.co.za 

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